Sponsoring A New Player into Nikkei

In order to sponsor a player, please read the following and then submit the specified information.

Please note that you must be a current or former player in good standing with the league to sponsor a player.

Between seasons (before the Captain's draft) players will be selected from the top of the waiting list (IR is on top).

During the season, players will be selected from the waiting list based on comparison with the person needing replacement. The committee tries to select players with equal or better abilities.

Please describe the player's ability as best you can (which round will they be picked, experience, other league play, compared to other players in the league, strengths & weaknesses). (ie - strong hitter, weak passer, slow, athletic, getting better, excellent setter, etc.)

We do not accept volleyball beginners as this is not an instructional league. If you think that a player you sponsor will struggle in the league, consider the following:


1.   Is this person's play unsafe to other players?

2. Will this person have fun and be fun to play with?

Please note that there is a 2 season probation period for new players, during which the Committee reserves the right to revoke league membership for any reason.

It is your responsibility that the information given for a player you sponsor is up to date. We attempt to contact waiting list candidates through all means available but we must drop names if the contact information is not kept current.

If you'd like to sponsor a player or make any information changes, please send an email to Nikkei and include following information:


        Sponsored by:

        For:    Monday, Friday or both leagues


        Male or Female

        Home phone:

        Work phone:


        Ability (please be as specific as possible):

        Other Leagues Played (ie - JACL, IVL, City Beach, etc):

        Comparable to (please list at least two people):


Go to the Contact Us page to Sponsor a Player


You should receive a return email within 48 hours.  If you do not, please contact a committee member.