Rules & Guidelines


·         Any person who is already in the club will have first priority to play in the next season. However, the member will still be required to sign up each season if s/he wants to continue to play. In addition, the member is responsible for notifying the Nikkei Committee if s/he is planning on dropping from NVC or going out on injury as soon as possible.

·         Each player is responsible for his/her own attendance as well as good conduct both on and off the court during the season.

·         'Honest Playing' or ‘Calling your own' as well as good attitudes will be expected at all times.

If there is a player whom the Committee believes is not playing in a sportsman like manner, or if the Committee receives several complaints from other members, it will be up to the club Committee and/or the Team Captains to issue a warning to the individual player in question. If the player/member continues to exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior then the Committee will not let the player return the following season.

·         To all members that are signing up NEW players to the waiting list: Please make sure that it is understood that the Nikkei Volleyball Club has two goals:

o    to have fun and

o    to learn

·         All new sign ups must be referred highly by a member in the league. A Nikkei sponsor form must be filled out completely and returned to a committee member in order for a person to be added to the waiting list. Please note that if the sponsor form is not filled out completely, it will not be accepted.


·         If a member is planning on being absent from a regular season night or playoffs, it is required that s/he notify the team captain of the absence prior to that date.

·         Three (3) absences will be allowed per season. This includes sickness, personal stuff, and work related absences. If a member misses more than three nights/playoff days, they will be placed on the end of the waiting list (if requested by member) and be replaced in the following season. This guideline is followed to be fair to the teams and to those on the waiting list.

·         A player must play an entire game to be counted as present for that night.  However, if a player is injured during his/her first game, it will count as a full game.


·         If a player is injured and comes back to play within the same season the injury absence(s) are considered regular absence(s). If a player is injured and is unable to come back and play for the rest of the current season. They may, at their request, be placed on the Injured Reserve (IR) Waiting List. If the committee is notified before the end of the 5th night of league play, there will be an attempt to replace the injured player by a comparable or better player.

·         When filling a club opening from the IR list, if the injured player chooses to decline playing and is no longer injured then s/he will be removed from the IR list. Only if requested would the player be placed on the bottom of the regular waiting list.


·         A person who wishes to be added to the NVC Waiting List will be assigned the date of his/her application. The list is kept in ascending date order.

·         Any person being added to the waiting list must be referred highly by an NVC Member and turn in the proper application.

·         Once in the club, the member will be placed on a two season probation period to ensure that there remains a minimal level of competitive volleyball playing and more importantly, the safety of other members playing.

·         When an opening becomes available, those on the appropriate waiting list will be asked if they are interested in joining the club. If the person is not able to play for the requested season and requests to stay on the waiting list, then his/her name will be rotated to the bottom of the list and a new date will be assigned to his/her name. There may be exceptions to this depending on special circumstances such as short timing of the opening being filled.

·         When club openings become available, the order of priority in which the waiting lists will be depleted are as follows

o    Nikkei Committee Members (Current and Former - must have served at least two years on the committee)

o    Injury List

o    Waiting List

·         We on the committee make our best effort to replace players within 1-2 weeks.  We are, of course, constrained by the length and content of the waiting list.


·         The minimum requirements for a team to play are two people, one male and one female or two females. When playing with less than 6 people, all holes must be played unless there are only two people. Whatever format is chosen, the team must play this format for the entire game. If there is another game to be played during that same match and team members arrive, regular co-ed play may resume for the second game.

·         The Nikkei Volleyball Club will no longer be following current USVBA rules and regulations. The Club will be following the 1997 USVBA rules and regulation.

1.    The server is allowed multiple tosses as long as s/he allows the ball to drop out of one hand without letting it touch any part of the body.

2.    Players will no longer be allowed to play the ball with any part of the body below the waist. Kicking the ball will result in a side-out or score.

·         Matches consist of two games to 25 points.  Rally scoring applies.  Teams must win by 2 (no cap), or by 1 if time runs out.

·         A player touching any portion of the adjacent court is considered out of bounds. Also considered out of bounds are touching imaginary lines that extend to the bleachers.

·         A female can play in the place of a male, but a male cannot play in the place of a female. If a male arrives, he can sub in for a female that is playing in place of a male. A player cannot sub in to fill a hole, this includes playoffs.

·         A team that is short players has the option to forfeit, no matter how many people they are short. If a team decides to forfeit, they will receive two losses. The “winning” team will then serve to determine how many points they receive. The winning team will serve a total of 8 serves per game (even if there are only 6 people - the team may choose who will execute the remaining serves.) A forfeit blanket will be in the other court to determine the points awarded. For example, a serve that lands in a corner may be worth 3 points and a missed serve will be worth 0 points. The maximum amount of points allowed is 24 points

·         The reffing team will be awarded a loss if both teams are ready and they are not prepared to ref.

·         If your team will be forfeiting, to avoid receiving an absence you need to show up.

·         Dogs - Due to restrictions placed on us by the school, dogs are no longer allowed on school grounds. This includes the gym, gym lobby, foyer, and parking lot. Please do not bring any dogs to Prospect High School during league nights.

·         Children, for safety reasons, should be supervised at all times. This includes their activity inside and outside the gym. Please, no climbing on the bleachers.

·         Alcohol is strictly forbidden (and illegal) on school grounds at all times!